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Through the use of real-world, practical education by world-class experts, the CBPA exists to bring together the parents and guardians of college basketball players to help ensure the protection of their athletes. 


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The CBPA Partners with USCAH on Health Education for Parents

The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health has partnered with the CBPA to provide over 17 courses of health, safety and wellness education to our members for a reduced rate of just $20 per year.

These education modules are tailored to parents and focused on the protection and wellbeing of student-athletes with content that empowers families to make educated athletic healthcare decisions in tandem with institutional medical staff. Parents and guardians can complete the program courses entirely online within USCAH’s Athletics Healthspace website or app with trainings in the following subject areas: 
  • athlete health and wellness (including mental health), athlete recovery, injury/illness management and prevention
  • emergency preparedness, social responsibility, healthcare services and facilities

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Welcome to the CBPA! [Video]

The CBPA partnered with Overtime to capture the voices of our Steering Committee parents!

Networking, mental wellness are at the heart...

Written by Mark Stewart
January 13th, 2020

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