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Through the use of real-world, practical education by world-class experts, the CBPA exists to bring together the parents and guardians of college basketball players to help ensure the protection of their athletes. 

The CBPA Connect

Welcome to The CBPA Connect, a space to ask questions, share your experiences and engage with other parents! This is a message board hosted by Slack, and is open to all parent members* of the CBPA. 

*If you would like to access The CBPA Connect but are not yet a member, use the form at the bottom of this page to join! Upon joining the CBPA, you will receive an invitation link allowing you to sign up and access the message board.

CBPA News and Events.

Here you will find News and Press about the College Basketball Parents’ Association.

Welcome to the CBPA! [Video]

The CBPA partnered with Overtime to capture the voices of our Steering Committee parents!

Networking, mental wellness are at the heart...

Written by Mark Stewart
January 13th, 2020

CBPA Resources And FAQs

Our resources have been hand-picked by our staff to provide knowledge and insight.