There is no deadline for membership registration.  As long as you are a parent or guardian of a college basketball player, or if you are someone who cares about the education of parents, you are welcome to join.  To register, please visit our Membership page.

No. The CBPA is an independent organization with no ties to the NCAA, or any of its member institutions or conferences.  The purpose of the CBPA is to provide a community of relationship building and education for the parents and guardians of college basketball and the CBPA feels that is best achieved on an autonomous platform.

There are no costs to join or to be a member of the CBPA. Education and empowerment is the focus of the CBPA, and membership will remain free of charge to all members. Our only request is that members complete occasional brief surveys, created to better understand the needs and experiences as a parent or guardian of a college basketball player.

No. A union is an association of employees forming a legal unit which acts as bargaining agent and legal representative for a group of employees.  The CBPA is not a group of employees and is not doing any collective bargaining.  The CBPA is an association focused on bringing together parents for relationship-building and education.

No.  The CBPA is inclusive of parents of both women’s and men’s basketball players.  The Steering Committee of the CPBA includes parents of both women’s and men’s college basketball players.  Educational opportunities will include topics that will be beneficial to all parents of college basketball players.