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There is no deadline for membership registration! As long as you fit the requirements outlined in the CBPA Bylaws, membership registration will remain open. To register, please visit our Members page.
No, the CBPA is an independent organization with no ties to the NCAA or any other college basketball institutions. Our purpose is to establish the leverage of parents and guardians in college basketball which we feel is best done on an autonomous platform.
There is no cost whatsoever to join! Education and empowerment is where the focus of the CBPA lies and will be free of charge to all members. Our only expectation is the completion of occasional brief surveys, created to better understand your experience as a parent or guardian in college basketball.
No, a Union is defined as the following: An association of employees forming a legal unit which acts as bargaining agent and legal representative for a unit of employees in all matters of law or right arising from or in the administration of a collective bargaining agreement. The CBPA is not a group of employees thus will not require the creation of a collective bargaining agreement. Without those key components, this association cannot be classified as a Union.
No, the CBPA is fully inclusive of both Women’s and Men’s college basketball. Each side mirrors one another in experience on and off the court so it is essential that both are represented in our organization. Included in our Executive Council, Board of Advisors and Regional Representatives are several parents or guardians of collegiate women’s and men’s athletes.