PRESS RELEASE: College Basketball Parents Association Enters Third Season Looking to Expand Presence as a National Community

Strategic Goals Include Greater Exposure and Awareness Via In-Person Meetings for Parents of Current and Future Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Players


COLUMBUS, ATLANTA (November 7, 2022) – This month, the College Basketball Parents Association (CBPA) will celebrate its second anniversary since launching at the start of the 2020-21 college basketball season with announcing its 2022-23 Steering Committee. The CBPA has dedicated two years to establishing its mission of connecting, educating, and empowering parents with guidance and support as they assist their student-athletes in maximizing their collegiate experiences. Moving forward, the Committee has recommended that the CBPA strategically explore how best to bring together its national community of parents with in-person events for current and potential members.

This direction is based on the success of the CBPA’s first in-person event, hosted during the 2022 McDonald’s All-American Weekend for the families of participating student-athletes. The opportunity to celebrate the families, share vital information about the CBPA as a resource and discuss important topics in college athletics, while answering their questions, positively impacted those in attendance. Replicating this experience for CBPA members will provide deeper opportunity to exercise the organization’s mission, while potentially increasing its membership base exponentially. Membership in the CBPA is free to parents of college and high school basketball players.

“The CBPA is extremely proud of the strides we’ve made in our first two seasons, even with our success being predominantly generated through national, but virtual, meetings,” said CBPA Presidents Stacy and Rod Johnson, parents of USC’s Men’s Basketball player Kobe Johnson. “Our first event provided a great model for future gatherings, and we believe we have a sound strategy to bring more college basketball parents together for community-building, educational opportunities and advocacy to coincide with the amount of change in college athletics.”

In its first two years, the CBPA accomplished several strategic objectives that it will build for its members:

  • Membership: Nearly 400 parents from men’s and women’s basketball programs at all divisions, including a number of boys’ and girls’ high school basketball families have joined the CBPA since its inception,
  • Leadership: Increased the inclusiveness of our steering committee with equal representation between Men’s (10) and Women’s (10) basketball, along with boys’ and girls’ high school families involved,
  • Stakeholders: Strengthened relationships with college basketball stakeholders including the NCAA, National Assoc. of Basketball Coaches (NABC) and Women’s Basketball Coaches Assoc. (WBCA),
  • Education: Provided monthly CBPA Education Hour programming on topics including: parent-stakeholder relationships within the sport, mental health and wellness, personal and professional development opportunities, Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) and Alston Money among others, and;
  • Health and Wellness: Continued a strategic health and wellness partnership with the U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) to provide parents online education modules to support their student-athletes.

“As the CBPA’s reach and membership grows, we are proud of the greater inclusivity that our organization has been able to achieve with Women’s and Men’s basketball,” said Allison Tegeler, CBPA Vice President and parent of Dartmouth Women’s Basketball player Mia Curtis. “Having equal balance within our Steering Committee, we look forward to continuing to add to the efforts for greater equity within the sport and join the NCAA and both Coaches Associations in their collective efforts for the same.”

The CBPA is proud of the 24 families involved in its 2022-23 Steering Committee and will continue to develop its comprehensive leadership group in an inclusive spirit, reflecting the ethnic, gender and geographic diversity of families from all walks of college and high school basketball.

2022-23 CBPA Steering Committee


  • President | Stacy and Roderick Johnson Sr. | Parents of USC MBB guard Kobe Johnson
  • Vice President | LaQuita and Deon Harmon | Parents of Texas A&M MBB guard De’Vion Harmon
  • Vice President | Allison Tegeler | Parent of Dartmouth WBB guard Mia Curtis
  • Secretary | Carole and Joe Roach | Parents of Duke guard MBB Jeremy Roach
  • Secretary | Nikki Clifton | Parent of Rice WBB guard Kennedy Clifton
  • Director of Education | Jean and Eric Dixon Sr. | Parents of Villanova MBB forward Eric Dixon
  • Director of Education | Malika and Leigh Horston | Parents of Tennessee WBB guard Jordan Horston
  • Ambassador | Michelle Ambrose | Parent of SMU MBB forward Keon Ambrose-Hylton
  • Ambassador | Celia Anderson | Parent of Harvard WBB guard Gabrielle Anderson*
  • Ambassador | Cleone Boston | Parent of South Carolina WBB forward Aliyah Boston*
  • Ambassador | Johanna and Bryan Bransford | Parents of Notre Dame WBB guard KK Bransford*
  • Ambassador | Stephanie and Eugene Brown | Parents of Ohio State MBB forward Eugene Brown III
  • Ambassador | Carmen and Bart Dick | Parents of Kansas MBB guard Gradey Dick*
  • Ambassador | Amy Fuller | Parent of Connecticut WBB guard Paige Bueckers
  • Ambassador | Vera and Tyrous Ingram | Parents of Stanford MBB forward Harrison Ingram
  • Ambassador | Simone Joye | Parent of St. Bonaventure MBB forward Chad Venning
  • Ambassador | Andrea Rice | Parent of UCLA WBB guard Kiki Rice*
  • Ambassador | Michelle and Jon Van Slooten | Parents of Oregon WBB forward Grace Van Slooten*
  • Ambassador | Montrice Wright | Parent of Sierra Canyon (CA) MBB forward Kijani Wright
  • Ambassador | K.K. Wynn | Parent of Tennessee WBB guard Kaiya Wynn
  • HS Ambassador | Beverly Donovan | Parent of Sidwell Friends School GB guard Jadyn Donovan*
  • HS Ambassador | Daphney and Cyprain Mgbako | Parents of Roselle Catholic BB forward Mackenzie Mgbako*
  • HS Ambassador | Margarete Rougier | Parent of Sidwell Friends School BB guard Jalen Rougier-Roane*
  • HS Ambassador | Jana & Michael Ferguson | Parents of IMG Academy GB guard Wesleigh Ferguson*

*first year on committee

2021-22 Leadership Alumni:

  • Past President | Tonja Morrison | Parent of Georgia WBB alumni Que Morrison
  • Past Ambassador | Sarah Harris and David Holmgren | Parents of Gonzaga MBB center Chet Holmgren
  • Past Ambassador | Marie and Wendell Moore | Parents of Duke MBB forward Wendell Moore
  • Past Ambassador | Melissa Smitherman | Parent of Ohio State MBB forward Seth Towns

About the CBPA

Founded in 2020, the College Basketball Parents Association is a community-building resource established with the purpose of connecting, educating and empowering parents as they guide their student-athletes through their college experience. The CBPA is a national, independent association focused on preparing families for evolving issues within collegiate athletics and managing the transition after basketball into a post-graduate career, graduate school or professional sports by learning from each other, along with industry experts. Membership for parents is free at Follow the CBPA on social media @theCBPA.


PRESS RELEASE: College Basketball Parents Association Enters Third Season Looking to Expand Presence as a National Community

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